Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Oscars are coming...

The biggest celebration of HOLLYWOOD is incoming and the movie world is in full party mode.

Last year the Oscars where awash with allegations of racism and other such supposed scandles which is leading many to speculate that at least one of the leading role awards will be awarded to someone who essentially isn't white.

These are my predictions:

Best Picture: la la land - currently cleaning up around the ceremonies and has that 'they don't make films like these anymore' vibe.

Best actor in a leading role: Denzil Washington - as his odds are shortening daily he is closing in on being favorite.

Best leading actress in a leading role: Emma Stone - unlike her ex 'The Amazing spider-man ' partner Garfield, Ms Stone should walk away with a golden statue.  

Best Animated Film: Manoa - Surely the Oscars need a little Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (but will probably be the overrated Zootopia' 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Official Film trailer #1.

Film Reveal

The Film Poster. Features a long shot of the silhouette of the main character.
Used as advertising material to reveal the film to the public. Star actor (Micheal Keaton) has his name in the center as he is a large draw to the film overall.

The Slogan has an exothoric reference of consumption with 'America ate it up'  and when partnered with eh title of the film and the over-looming M sign hints towards the potential plot of the film giving potential audiences a 'taster' of what they should expect this production to be about.